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In the near future, the new thyroid thermal ablative therapies will become routine in clinical thyroid nodule management. The thyroid ultrasound-guided, minimally-invasive therapies will be widely adopted and will save many thyroid patients. The ultimate objective is to serve patients, who will not have their thyroids unnecessarily removed. As most thyroid nodules do not need aggressive management, in the near future a less invasive approach to thyroid nodules should become the standard thyroid care.

Thyroid Nodules Therapies (T.N.T.) Association promotes global awareness as well as educational programs of thyroid ultrasound-guided thermal ablative techniques to define indications for and improve their efficacy.

Every single T.N.T. Associate could have the opportunity to share opinions with the community of T.N.T. Associates.

– Objectives: worldwide dissemination of thyroid echo-guided, thermal ablative techniques through educational activities in physical locations that will be identified, online education, a T.N.T. website, monthly newsletter, T.N.T. biennial Meeting.

The aims of the T.N.T. Association will include collection of registration fees; identification of available T.N.T. centers; enrollment in educational activities at designated centers; regular T.N.T. update meetings; online training activities; and voluntary contributions. The T.N.T. funds will be managed by a specific accounting body.

– The T.N.T. Association will be non-profit, and only for scientific and humanitarian purposes.

– Activities: theoretical, practical and tutorial courses of thyroid RFA and other techniques; T.N.T. website, disseminating new literature releases.

– T.N.T. associates will be entitled, in each T.N.T. event, to discounts on normally applied rates.

The Directory Board will be elected online and will be the decision-making body of the T.N.T. Association.

The online communication method will preferably be the one adopted for each T.N.T. activity.

– The Directory Board may at any time, by majority vote, decide whether to acquire other bodies (for example, the Scientific Committee); for the formation of these bodies, the Directory Board will draw on the T.N.T. members.


If you want to contribuite in T.N.T. Association diffusion, or would like to share your knowledge by videos, cartoons, pictures, o whatever you think is interesting, please send an email to  thyroid.association@gmail.com

We will be happy to spread to T.N.T. members your contents.