Ms G.M., USA: grossly enlarged thyroid on one side, treated by RFA


I found Dr. V after years of suffering thyroid problems. I had seen more than half a dozen doctors, including well-regarded endocrinologists, who were unable/unwilling to help me. My symptoms included significant fatigue, as well as a grossly enlarged thyroid on one side. I was unable to lead a normal life. Every doctor simply said to remove my thyroid. Fortunately, I did not listen to them: I knew that my thyroid problems were a secondary presentation of an underlying cause no one seemed interested in or curious about; if my thyroid was removed, who knew what potentially worse symptom would then occur? Far too many doctors have a separatist view of the body, in which each organ, each part of the body is considered as distinct and independent. The thyroid is integral to the function and regulation of the body; we still don't know all that this incredible organ does. Surgical removal ought to be the very last resort, not the most common practice.

I cold-emailed a doctor associated with the highly regarded Mayo Clinic, who had been named in a scientific paper on thyroid ablation. He kindly wrote me back, suggesting to contact Dr. V.

Shortly afterwards, I traveled to meet Dr. V and have him examine me in person.

Radiofrequency ablation of the thyroid involves ablating tissue that adjoins the carotid artery, esophagus and laryngeal nerves. As a singer, losing my voice or having its qualities diminished was an unacceptable outcome, not to mention the life-ending possibilities of interfering with the carotid artery.

As my thyroid was grossly enlarged, I had twice radiofrequency ablation. I am happy to report that I have returned to performing. My neck is cosmetically perfect; there is no visible bulge. My energy level has rebounded, and I now am able to work normally. My thyroid is healthy and functioning well.

Dr. V gave me my life back.